About the Blogger

Hello, my name is Patricia Marie. My friends call me Pat, and my relatives call me Ysa. I'm 20 years old. I study psychology in university. I don't know when I'll finish my course, because I always take gap years. I can speak three Philippine languages - Tagalog, Bisaya, Hiligaynon; and I can understand Ilocano. I love to learn a lot of languages; especially French, Italian, German, Russian, and Arabic. For now my priority is Spanish.

In my free time, I watch films and tv series, read novels, take long walks, watch documentaries, take photos of clouds, travel alone, write short stories, learn new things.

I don't play sports, but I like sports. I like watching figure skating, football, volleyball, and whatever is on. I support Real Madrid, and Castilla. I follow La Liga, but I occasionally watch Bundesliga and Serie A matches. As for figure skating, I really like Hanyu Yuzuru and Julia Lipnitskaya. I mostly follow Russian skaters. I'm not really a fan of pair skating.

I am a fan of Korean pop. I used to follow groups, but I guess I'd grown out of it. However, I am still a huge fan of Girls' Generation and Red Velvet.

About the Blog

Alwaystofu - where did I get the name? I honestly forgot how I come up with the name. But I'm going to try and make a story. One day, I woke up craving for tofu. Then, I hurriedly went to a Chinese fast-food restaurant after I took a bath. I ordered tofu and Chinese fried chicken. When my order arrived, I hungrily dig in. I dipped the tofu in the ginger sauce, put the delicious tofu in my mouth, and fell in love. From that day on, I woke up every day craving for tofu. Always, always tofu. Sadly, I don't post about tofu.