'The 5th Wave', A Before & After Trailer Review

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The 5th Wave is an upcoming movie, to be released next year January 15th. It is based on the 2013 young adult science fiction book by Rick Yancey. The book follows Cassie as she tries to survive earth after its destruction caused by The Others.

My knowledge of The 5th Wave, before I watched the trailer, mostly consists of what my best friend told me. She has read the book months ago. Although, she has been telling me to read it, I kept putting the book aside. I am just not interested about the idea the book presents. So I forgot about the book for awhile, until I read that the trailer for The 5th Wave movie just came out.

With the way Hollywood produces films that are based from books I will always be wary and skeptical. Of course, there will always be details that they can't translate from words to moving pictures. But there are some details that they see unfit even though change isn't necessary. For example, they would prefer to cast white actors/actresses rather than the original race of the character from the book. It's insulting for fans, and very xenophobic of them. I have a lot of concerns about the way Hollywood cast and change details, but that's entirely another topic.

The first time I watched the trailer, I think it's good. It tickles your curiosity. The acting looks promising. However, I didn't really like most of the cast. I can't really say what bothers me about the cast, because I haven't read the book yet. Chloƫ Moretz is a good actress, but her voice doesn't fit the character. While she is narrating, it feels awkward and dull. I think viewers are supposed to feel terrified or eerie about aliens invading the planet earth. Her voice is supposed to make me feel uncomfortable about what's happened to them, not uncomfortable because of her voice. The other cast doesn't bother me too much. There are new faces and familiar faces. Nick Robinson looks the most promising. He did great in The Kings of Summer.

Fast forward 24 hours, I already read one third of the book, and watched the trailer a second time. Now I can finally confirm what bothers me about the cast. Most of them aren't how I imagined the characters. The delivery lacks conviction. The voice lacks weight. But then again, this is just the trailer. They also changed little details, that I thought aren't concerning. Until I learned they changed the race of a certain character. The character is supposed to be 3/4 Asian, but the actress who plays her is white. Is there a shortage of Asians in America? That sounds alarming. If they could change a minor character's race, what could stop them from changing a lot of big details....maybe the plot itself. It's badly cast, but not worst than Divergent. Thank God!

I'm still looking forward to watch this movie. It looks really promising, despite the actors and actresses. I just hope it won't be as disappointing as The Giver.

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