'Deadly Little Secret', Review In A Nutshell

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Deadly Little Secret (Touch #1)
by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Published: December 23, 2008 by Hyperion
Pages: 252, Hardcover
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Camelia is haunted by the touch of the person who saved her life. She is determined to find him, for closure. When her savior finally showed up in her school, she finds it hard to resist his touch. Ben is the new guy in town. It's supposed to be a fresh start for him. But the past keeps haunting him wherever he goes. Soon the rumor that Ben killed his ex-girlfriend spread all over town. And Camelia's life starts getting complicated. She is receiving weird mails, eerie phone calls, and someone is clearly stalking her. Ben wants to help her. But with all the rumors about Ben, it's hard to rule him out as the stalker.

The first thing you'll notice about this book is the similar scenes with Twilight. Camelia and Ben first met when Ben saved Camelia from a rushing car. Camelia and Ben becomes lab partners. Ben is everywhere Camelia is. Or he is always to the rescue whenever she needs someone. It's annoying that he is everywhere.

The sexual innuendos in this book is killing me. It's not even funny because there are tons of it. I've read another book by this author, and that book has tons of sexual innuendos too. Although, it was kinda appropriate in that book. In this book, it's just disturbing. It doesn't help that Camelia's best friends are super horny. They insert green jokes in most of their conversations, even when the conversation is serious.

Camelia as the voice of this book didn't really interest me. Her voice isn't convincing. She is gullible, insensitive, trusting. She is getting weird messages, but she lets in her house someone she doesn't fully know. She promises to keep something a secret. The second she's with her best friend, she tells her the secret. Everyone seems to adore her, even her boss. I don't know if she's supposed to be super pretty, or a nice girl with personality. She sounds like neither.

The plot progresses smoothly. Although, it does have a lot of unnecessary girl talks. I was drawn to the few chapters narrated by the stalker. You can feel his/her intent. The events leading to Camelia's meeting with her stalker really took me on edge. But when she finally meet her stalker, it ends up being very anticlimactic. The suspense is killed right there. It just bored me. I wish it was dragged a little bit more.

It's an okay book, if you like stalkers and paranormal stuff.


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