POPCORN SUNDAY: Palo Alto (2013)

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The whole movie is a fragment. A movie you can feel, but can't connect. A movie full of confusing moods, and the message hasn't been in touch.

PALO ALTO: Makes you want to be reckless (No regrets!)
I watched Palo Alto out of curiosity. There's also this one acquaintance who keeps on tweeting about it. She likes James Franco, apparently. I thought it would be another movie like Spring Breakers, which I hated by the way. But it isn't like Spring Breakers. It has a more angsty, coming of age theme. More mature, in a sense that they don't do childish stuffs. They're reckless teens, trying to live without regrets.

Palo Alto makes you want to be reckless. I'm still trying to figure out if it's a good or bad thing. The movie isn't really the greatest coming-of-age film. It also isn't the worst. I enjoyed it, cause I enjoy slow films (that are seems kinda pointless). I understand this type of movie can be boring for most people.

One redeeming quality of this movie is the cinematography. It's appealing, and transitions well from scene to scene. The lighting makes the setting feel warm. It compliments the mood of the movie. Gia Coppola indeed inherited the family's talent for directing.

I don't really understand the plot. I don't know what they're trying to show. Some scenes doesn't match the whole picture. The conflicts that they presented are avoidable. Heck, if some characters spoke about it we wouldn't have a 90-minute film.
The characters in the movie did a lot of pretty reckless things. But that's the point of being a teen, to do reckless stuff you won't regret (for the first 25 years of your life at least). In terms of getting what they want though, they did nothing. They think about it all the time, but they don't even do something to get it. I don't understand that part of the movie. Palo Alto doesn't have a conclusion, so is life. The conclusion of life is death. Not a bit of conflict is resolved.

Acting is pretty good. No one really stood out for me. It might be because there isn't a strong character present in the film. The characters lack depth. I like the movie even with its senseless plot (I'm waiting for someone to prove me wrong), I would have loved it if there were at least a strong character.

I like the film. It worked for me, somehow. I like the mood, and how the scenes are presented. I love the storytelling, despite the lack of depth of the stories.

Soundtrack + Movie Score

I expected a song to stood out. A song that would remind me of the movie, but I didn't find any in the official soundtrack. But the soundtrack is pretty decent, the score too. I think the score wins in this one. It really suits the mood of the scenes, and the whole movie.

I love indie, but some of the songs makes me want to punch a wall. The music and the movie makes me do reckless stuffs, wow.

Recommendation: To teens, to you who feels like a teen. Basically to everyone who can understand moods and feelings without words.

Rating: Movie - 6/10 (IMDb) 3/5 (Letterboxd) | Soundtrack - 2.5/5

Links: IMDb - Letterboxd

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