PILOT REVIEW: Red Band Society

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A look at the lives of a group of teenagers living in a hospital. -IMDb.com

Red Band Society is an American remake of a 2011 Catalan television show, Polseres Vermelles. The show focuses in the lives of the people in a hospital's pediatric ward. It focuses on teens, so I expect no less drama and more hormones involved.

Info-dumping leads to confusion. There are a lot going on in the show. However, it is to be expected. The show has more than 5 main characters. All characters are given back stories, so there are a lot of sub-plots. I don't like how they dump character info in the first episode. It is confusing, and I don't think we'll remember it halfway to the show. They should have dumped the info when it's needed.

Unrealistic setup. It looks like they're in an orphanage rather than a hospital. Are hospitals that comfortable and homey? I guess they will make it feel like home. But realistically, hospitals are not "home". There should be a strong hospital presence in the show. It's too clean to be a hospital. Too peaceful too be a hospital. Too healthy to be a hospital. I may not make sense to you right now. I just want to see a representation that is close to reality.

The character that stood out for me is Kara. She's a bitch, and she stood out because of that. Also, Nurse Dobler because the actress who plays her is pretty. It's disappointing that they remove the character with the Asperger's syndrome. He would have been a cool character.

Overly cheesy, but a good series nonetheless. I just don't like the direction they're going right now. I'm currently in episode 4. I've read a lot of articles about producers adding additional characters as love interests. Oh dear Lord! It's too many characters now. I expect someone to die, or leave, or get better.

Recommended to: Uhm... teens? Who likes drama, romance, comedy, dump, dump, dump.

Rating: 3/5.

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