PILOT REVIEW: Polseres Vermelles

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A group of young kids live in a hospital dealing with choices, love, life and the people that make them stronger. -IMDb.com

Polseres Vermelles (Red Band Society) is a Catalan television show. The show tells the story of a group of teenagers living in a hospital's pediatric ward. The show was dubbed in to Spanish as Pulseras Rojas. An American adaptation, Red Band Society, is currently airing in Fox. It also has a Chilean and Italian adaptations, both produced this year.

This show has the proper way of dumping information. It doesn't overwhelm the viewers. It has a way that would make us remember what was said, because it was associated with a sensible scene/action. The first episode also focuses on the characters that would be part of the Red Band Society. It narrows down to the plots and conflicts you should pay attention to.

The acting, setting, and mood are great.  It isn't exaggerated. You can feel the mood of the scene through the actors' acting and the background. That's the thing that I am looking for when I'm watching dramas. The setting is as important as the acting. The setting is really as close to reality, if not realistic. It has the same feel that hospitals give me. It's depressing, but it gives you hope. Even with a lot of doctors, nurses and hospital staffs going around, the show stays true to its main characters.

The formation of the group follows a theory, after a friend of Lleó told him that a group of friends include six types of people: the leader, the second leader, the indispensable, the handsome, the clever, and the girl. Lleó then seeks people to fit in the type of people to form his group.

Polseres Vermelles vs Red Band Society. I'm thankful to Red Band Society, if not for the show I wouldn't have watched Polseres Vermelles. Polseres Vermelles is better by a mile. I know the cultures are different. But there are similar things everywhere that isn't present in Red Band Society, and is present in Polseres Vermelles. (Talking about pilot episodes)  First, hospital authorities and parental guidance. There are doctors, compared to that one doctor in Red Band Society. There are also parents, guardian or relative visiting. Second, hospital environment. It really got the environment right, unlike Red Band Society. I prefer Polseres Vermelles cause it has the right touch of drama, fun and excitement. 

Recommended to: Everyone. This is a very good medical teen drama.

Rating: 5/5.

Links: imdb.com - tv3 - Spanish dubbed - adelan tv - Portuguese subbed

The song Jordi and Cristina dances to.

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