PILOT REVIEW: How To Get Away With Murder

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A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives. 
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How To Get Away With Murder, the title itself is intriguing. I became doubtful when I learned that the series is about ambitious law students getting away with 'real' murder. I really thought they would be inside a classroom, brainstorming how to get away with the murder their professor made up for them. Anyway, the series isn't like that and I still watched the pilot episode.

The first episode is disappointing. I am not a law student. I don't know a lot about law school. But I do know some legal stuff. I think there are a lot of illegal stuff in this, than legal ones. The plot and sub-plots is interesting enough, but it's annoying to watch this series. First off, this is portraying a law school but I think the set-up is not quite realistic. Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), the fierce lawyer, involved her students in her case. As far as I know, that's unethical. Second, she just lets her students get evidences in a not-so legal manner. Who knows law school teaches you to be corrupt that early.

In one of my psychology class, we watched The Reader. The main male protagonist in the movie went to law school. His professor brought them to court to see a trial going on. It wasn't their professor's trial, it was another's. I think it's nice to expose students to their future workplace. But it's questionable to expose them to your work.

I went to IMDb to read reviews about the series. Most of the reviews I read are not in favor of the series. I'm not familiar with Shonda Rhimes' works. So I'm not sure if she promotes cheating. Since, they're saying in her other series there are lots of cheating too. People who went to law schools also left comments of displeasure. I think it's safe to say, if you're looking for a realistic setup of law school, this series isn't for us.

The acting is okay. However, no one hit my 'interest' button. Forty-five minutes is long enough to make a strong impression. No one stood out, not one character. I'll be dropping this series. I hope I never come across this one, ever.

Recommended to: No one. Watch Hannibal instead.

Rating: 1/5.

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