MANGA REVIEW: Stand Up! by Yamakawa Aiji (Vol 1 & 2)

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          Stand Up! is about Furuya Utako, and her adventures in romance and friendship. Furuya Utako is a shy freshman, but she is often mistaken as a senpai because of her height. No guys would like her because she is as tall as them. But one boy, Harada Naoyuki, wants to be friends with her. Harada Naoyuki is popular and gets along with everybody. That's why Furuya is surprised with his attitude. As their friendship goes deeper, she realizes she's growing feelings for him, in a not so friendly way.

          I love how fast-paced this manga is. We're already introduced to a lot of characters in the first volume. It's great that we know what's going to come. How and when are the real questions. When it happens, it'll be a total surprise.

          The characters are great. I like my guy with personality. Thankfully, Harada Naoyuki is unlike most shoujo manga male leads. I don't like how most of them are flat characters and doesn't engage with the female lead in the first half of the manga arc. But whatever, that's their style. This is my kind of manga. There are also interesting supporting characters. We also have those protective friends, who can turn evil when you do wrong. Furuya isn't annoying and weak. I don't like it when female leads are too weak. Hey girl! Get it together, will you? And Harada is cool! He engages with the situation and with Furuya. Well, that is his personality. Harada reminds me of those second male leads in shoujo manga. The guys I often end up liking.

          This is one cute read. My favorite part is when Furuya confessed to Harada. It is sudden. It caught Harada, even Furuya, off guard. It is just too cute, and unlike most shoujo manga confessions. I recommend this manga to everyone. Waiting could be frustrating though, since we're only 2 volumes in the series. But let's keep hanging!


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