R&R: The 100 - Pilot, "A for Okay"

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‘It's been 97 years since the nuclear apocalypse that killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. twelve nations have operational space stations at the time of the bombs. There was now only the Ark, one station forged from the many.’

Warning: If you haven't watched the show, and hate spoilers, please do not read further. Cheers!

Recap a.k.a Spoilers

Clarke Griffins was dragged out of prison, when she was just about to finish her drawing. She was chosen as one of the 100 delinquents that will be sent to Earth. Among the 100 is Wells, the chancellor's son. The person who happens to have ruined Clarke's life. When their ship was sent to earth, it had a bad landing. Two people were killed. The ship landed on the wrong side. Clarke knew they weren't supposed to be there. So, she along with new found friends(?) Finn, Jasper, Monty, and a not-so friendly Octavia search for Mount Weather. Clarke told them that the Ark is dying. It only has a few months before the Ark really goes down. They also found a river, which wasn't supposed to be there according to Clarke. Octavia stripped down her clothes and jumped in the river. The others were going to follow her when a river snake, a big one, attacked her. Unfortunately, she didn't die. Before leaving, Clarke babbled about the wrist badges. That if they take it off, people in the Ark will think they are dead. Bellamy who heard this told the other guys. And they were taking off them wrist badges as the day goes dark. Wells doesn't approve of this, but no one would listen to him.

In the Ark, Chancellor Jaha was shot. Kane, the temporary Chancellor,  imprisoned Abby, Clarke's mom, for using too much medicine. Which is stupid. And now Abby is sentenced to death.

Back on earth, the forest is glowing. Wells, on the other hand, is held by Bellamy and he has a gun. Bellamy doesn't really want to kill Wells. He just want to get rid of her wrist badge, so his father will think he is dead. Revenge is sweet. Yeah.

Once again, we're in the Ark. It's Abby's death day. But before she was ship offed, Chancellor Jaha arrived and stopped Kane.

Clarke and the others came across a river. This time they aren't risking going in there. So they basically found a solid vine to swing themselves to the other side. Jasper went first because he wants to impress Octavia. Jasper landed safely. They were jumping and shouting, when an arrow pierced Jasper. And that's when they realized that they're not alone.

Review a.k.a Rants

I have read a few chapters of the book and it was hella boring. So, I didn't really have high expectations for the tv series. Surprisingly, it was good. I haven't said this a lot, but it's even better than the book. The acting was kinda awkward though. Or maybe it was just their voices? Or was I expecting them to sound British? Gah! I've been watching too much Downton Abbey lately. Anyway, the 100 are supposed to be between 12-18 years old according to the book. But per usual, they look like they're in their early 20s.

The Ark is composed of 12 nations, of course the Philippines isn't one of them. Obviously. I don't see any diversity in the Ark. Sure, there were Asians and Blacks. I'm sure Asians, Whites, Blacks isn't equal to 12 nations, yes? Plus, where are the dudes with those hot accents? Monty, the Asian dude, is a typical stereotyped Asian. Asian = hackers. Asian = smart. It doesn't always apply. But oh well, whatever.

I don't get it. With all the technology they have, can't they just send a camera down on earth? Or send any other cool devices. I'm sure they could have invented something. They could use drones to scan the area. They could send scientists down there, instead of sending a hundred rebellious teens when the Ark is already dying. They could have sent down a camera there, years before the Ark dies. They could have prevented it. But of course, they didn't. The hope of humanity now lies on those stupid kids.

There's a lot of frustrating characters. Watching the show really made my head hurt. It reminds me of how frustrating Downton Abbey is. But at least that show has eye candies. This show, however.... *sighs heavily* They were okay. There wasn't anyone interesting, though. I'm so tired of guys like Finn. They're everywhere. So for now, I'll take Wells. And Wells in the show is different from the Wells in the book. He is more rational in the show. Oh and there was this cute Asian guard. But he is a guard, which means not enough screen time.

Here are my tweets while watching the show

The show really pissed me off as you can see in my tweets. It was good, but the characters weren't. They make me so frustrated. They were stupid and pathetic. 

Songs used in the episode

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - When Clarke and Finn looked at the mountain they were supposed to be dropped off to.
Promise by Ben Howard - Clarke woke up and saw that the forest is glowing because of luminescent plants. Clarke and Finn checked out some animal tracks.
We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke - When Jasper swings across the river using the vine.

The 100 is okay. I would still watch the next episodes. I didn't exactly follow the show, so I'm 6 episodes behind now. The next episode will air this Wednesday. And I hope to finish all 8 episodes this week, and rant about it. I just hope the characters don't get even more frustrating, or else I'll drop the show.


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