BOOK REVIEW: The One (The Selection #3)

By Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The One (The Selection #3) by Kiera Cass

Genre: Young Adult Romance
Publisher: HarperTeen, May 6th 2014
Format: Kindle
Pages: 323
Link: Goodreads

The Selection changed the lives of thirty-five girls forever. And now, the time has come for one winner to be chosen. America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon's heart. But as the competition approaches its end and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she'll have to fight for the future she wants.

Well, what did I expect from a young adult romance set in a dystopian world. The rebels and all, they were just there as an obstacle for the great love *rolls eyes* of America Singer and Maxon Scheave.

This review contains a lot of spoilers. Please do not attempt to read, except if you have read the book.


There are only 4 girls left now, The Elites. In short time, Maxon is going to pick a wife. America must up her game, because in the last book she and Maxon were not in good terms.
They fight. They tug their ears. They kiss. They make up. They smile. They talk. They fight again, and so on.
And then the rebels came. America and Maxon continues to fight, and make up. After what feels like centuries of fighting, Maxon finally made his decision. He finally pick his THE ONE.
But...there's more fighting!


America. I didn't like her at all. She's so careless. She's so blunt. You call that bravery? Well, for me that's stupidity. She's not really the empty-headed stupid. She knows what she's doing. She knows the consequences if she disobeys the King, but she'll disobey him anyway. Because who cares if I disobey someone who figuratively holds a knife on my neck, right?

I'm kind of a masochist. So I don't really mind big fights between the characters I like together. But the reason America shuts Maxon out are so stupid. Except for reasons like:

He looked into my eyes. "I'll be glad when you're gone.
Smiling, he crawled to sit over me. "Fine then. My darling? My pet? My love?"

Yep, Maxon said those to America. This pissed me off too. But I guess he was just irritated at her. Who wouldn't? And I wouldn't want my future boyfriend calling me "my pet". I'm not some animal you can pet.

During the first three chapters of the book, America can't decide between Aspen and Maxon. She feels like he should let go of Aspen, but it would mean that something in her would be missing. She contemplates about her feelings for Maxon. Are her feelings for him true? Does she love him enough to want to be his wife? She has these doubts in the first few chapters. But she settled it in a couple of days. I'm glad she picked who she wants to be with. My problem is the transition she had with her decision. It was kind of abrupt.

And the thing with Aspen. She could have easily said, "Please don't pursue me when I'm with Maxon". She didn't, because she wants to hold both guys in her hands. She isn't sure if Maxon truly loves her. So if ever Maxon doesn't choose her, at least she has Aspen. God, America. Quit playing games with my heart. 

Maxon. Oh boy, you are stupidly in love. He gives everything to America. He trusts her. He tells her everything. But does she tell him everything? Does she trust him? America can't even tell him who her first love is, if that other guy still holds her heart. So why would he, the Prince of Ilea, tell America Singer his feelings. If she isn't sure, wouldn't it be fair for him to doubt her?

Every time they were fighting I was like, MAXON GO AND FIND ANOTHER GIRL IF AMERICA CAN'T DECIDE. All the fights were stupid. I want Maxon to shut her out for once. She does all the shutting. Maxon is always the first one to forgive even though it's America's fault. I do believe that if it's your fault, say sorry.

When Maxon saw America and Aspen close to each other. It was refreshing because finally Maxon is the one getting mad. But it wasn't fair to America. If Maxon truly loves America, like he says, he should have made her explain. Instead, he shut her out. But it didn't just end there. He was rude to her. It wasn't really...Maxon. It wasn't the Maxon that was first introduced to us. He got his temper from his father, we know. But he wasn't rude. Maxon was never rude, until that thing happened. This was shocking. How did Maxon turn from a completely trusting person to a rude jerk? Oh, Maxxie.

Aspen. To be freaking honest, I have never liked Aspen until this book. He has change a lot here. It's true that being a soldier made him mature. He still pursues America here, but that's not his fault at all. If America had turned him down a long time ago, he would probably have back down. I can now see what the others have seen. That truly Aspen is good. Yes, he was stupid for saying things to America that makes her doubt herself. He was hopeful, and desperate. Hopeful because America gavethem hope. Desperate because he knows, that she is falling for Maxon.

I really liked Aspen in this book. There were times that I want to smack him. But overall he was so kind and mature here. He obeyed the law, but that didn't stop him from doing what he believed is right.

Oh, the plot. Wait... What plot?

The ending was fast. There were so many plot holes. A lot of conflicts weren't resolved. There were things that makes you gohuh? Truly, this a work of fiction. If this were true, there should be a lot of complications.

The transaction with the rebels, within the palace.There were a lot of guards when America and Maxon meet up with the Northern Rebels, August and G. I was surprised that no guard tattled the little meeting to the king. Are there no guards loyal to the king? He's still in the thrown. That means he has allies. That he is powerful. That people fear him. But no one in his guards told him that the Prince and the Northern Rebels are secretly conspiring. What the actual frick!

The agreement between the Italian princess Nicholetta, America and the Northern Rebels. Well, really. The Italian smuggled money to fund the revolt of the Northern Rebels. But what would Italy gain from it? I'm surprised that Nicholetta's father or whoever rules their country approved of her giving away money to a country that's not even their ally. For what does it cost? For the hope that maybe when Ilea is better, they could ally with Italy. Wow, that is so freaking fictional. Even the politics of the old times isn't that stupid and simple. And what happened after the three girls talked? They didn't have complications at all. If the Northern Rebels bought guns and supplies with the money, wouldn't the king be alerted about bulk buying of guns?

When they were going to announce Maxon's wife, and it ended up with people swimming in pools of someone else's blood. The Southern Rebels killed the palace guards and disguised as them. And no one noticed. There was no head of the guards who checked on it. If this is how lax their security is, imagine how fast rebels from the Philippines can overthrow the kings. So I wasn't surprised that the Southern Rebels killed a lot of people. But oh-la-la, they were stopped by the Northern Rebels. We didn't get to read the whole action though. Because we're in America's head. Frack.



This was supposed to be the saving grace. It wasn't, because America was so annoying. I admit that there were cute moments. But it isn't enough for me to give The One all the stars I could offer.


They fight at little things. America gets jealous every time. When she knows that Maxon has a duty. It's his duty going to other girls and being friendly with them. They've talked about it a lot, but America can't seem to wrap up her mind with the idea of Maxon flirting with other girls. Their fights killed the romance. Sucks.

The One is a happy read. Hahaha. I know I should be irritated or whatever. But I'm glad this series is over. I'm still going to recommend this book to my non-picky friends. They'll love the fights, I'm sure.


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