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          In Between Days is an independent film directed by So Yong Kim. It won few awards, including a Special Jury Prize from Sundance Film Festival. The film was completed by 2006. It was set somewhere in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It stars Jiseon Kim, Taegu Andy Kang and Gina Kim. Languages used in the film are Korean and English. It runs for 83 minutes.

          In Between Days is a coming of age film about Aimie (Jiseon Kim), a Korean immigrant. Aimie and her mother just moved to Canada. She has trouble adjusting. Everything she has, she left in South Korea. She's not exactly good at school. She has an awkward relationship with her mother. Despite her father leaving her mother, Aimie is still longing for her father. The only person she relies to is Tran, her best friend. For Aimie, Tran isn't just a friend. But Tran doesn't seem to see her the way she sees him. Aimie's life started becoming  complicated when her mother started going on dates and when Tran hangs out with other girls.

          The film started pretty depressing, the mood is too. It was fairly likable, though. I love the cinematography and Aimie's monologues. The trademark of the film is the bridge. Aimie and Tran always cross the bridge. It kind of become the part of the story. I think it was intentional. Ha-Ha.

          Aimie and her mother has an awkward relationship, as I mentioned before. It's like they are there for each other because, who else will they lean on to? Although, there are times when Aimie's mother shows affection for her. But Aimie seems too attached to her life back in Korea. In the end, Aimie just seems to roll with it instead of waiting for her mother to drag her back to Korea.

          Tran, Aimie's best friend, helps her with studying English. Aimie just doodles when they study. They have this cute friendship that makes you "aww they would look good as a couple". But you know it will never work out. I think the reason why Tran detaches himself, sometime in the film, is because he wants to make other friends...or to find a girlfriend. He keeps dragging Aimie to parties but Aimie is in this perfect bubble where she thinks she's going back to Korea soon and she can bring Tran along with her and they can live happily ever after. No, Aimie stop dreaming!

          In Between Days doesn't really have a solid ending. Because life's ending is death. I like that it doesn't have one. It will make me conclude of my own ending for Aimie's story. I could make hundreds of them. The film could be boring for a lot of people because it doesn't have a lot of dialogue. But that's how most indie films are. They're slow and focuses a lot on cinematography; the film has a lot of that. It also has a lot of emotions. It just depends what gets into you.

6/10 In Between Days (2006) on IMDb

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