E-ARCs: Where to Get Them? How to Get Them?

By Saturday, February 01, 2014 ,

          E-ARCs, or electronic advance reader copy, are common marketing plan among authors and publishing houses to get their books out there. E-ARCs and ARCs are usually handed to bloggers, professional reviewers, teachers, librarians, etc. ARCs are not for sale and aren't free. It doesn't cost money, but words. After finishing an e-ARC/ARC, a feedback must be sent to the publisher and/or posted on blogs, social networking sites, forums or book sites; like goodreads and booklikes.


          There are sites like netgalley and edelweiss, who provide e-ARCs upon request. You can also find e-ARCs and ARCs giveaway in book blogs, and sites like goodreads and booklikes. There are authors with blogs who host e-ARCs and ARCs giveaway events too.

          Don't know your favorite author's website? That's okay! Most authors are in goodreads anyway. Just click their name and ta-da! You get a profile information and links to their SNS and blogs.


          Entering a giveaway is simple. You just have to follow the guidelines/mechanics. Requesting an e-ARC? Not so simple. First, you have to be an active reviewer. Big publishing houses (like Disney Hyperion, HarperCollins, Penguin Group, Macmillan, Harlequin) are usually picky. They would only approve active bloggers and blogs with lots of followers. If you don't have blogs, that's okay, you can post your review in Amazon or Goodreads. And you would only be approved, if you are active. They key there is being active on social networking sites and blogs. How else would you tell the world how awesome the book is?

          But there are also Indie publishing group and self-published books, who aren't picky. And I always request from them, because I want to find the next big thing! The next book that many would love, that I would want to recommend to my friends. Also, there are goodreads groups that help independent writers by way of reviewing their books and advertising it through their SNS and blogs. You get to read a book for free! You get to help an aspiring author!

          I hope that this post helped you in a way. I'm a new blogger myself, and to be honest book blogging is hard. Finding an audience is hard work. We do this because we love reading...and writing! So just keep on reading and writing reviews...because you might be helping someone through your words.


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

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