5 Apps for Book Bloggers

By Monday, February 10, 2014

          As a student, a businesswoman, and a blogger, it's hard to juggle my schedules without help. Of course a good book planner is a great help. But with technology moving fast forward, it's convenient to have smart phones, tablets and iPads, eReaders, etc. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, which I acquired a year ago, and an iPad3, which I got 2 years ago. But I always carry my S3 because it's smaller than my iPad.

          These apps help me organize and keep me right on track.

1.) WRITER (Free - Android)

When I travel from school to home, and vice versa, I type my reviews or draft for school works using, Writer. This app is easy to use and easy to access.  Its UI(user-interface) is simple. The app counts the words and characters of every documents

2.) WUNDERLIST (Free - Android/iOS)
Wunderlist is a great app to make list. It's easy to use, and has a sleek UI. You can create categories for you lists. And once you finish a task you can easily cross that out instead of deleting it. This is great for creating list of books you'll read for a reading challenge. 

Meriam Webster Dictionary app is my to-go dictionary. I use it more often that my volumes of dictionaries at home. It's an offline dictionary. No internet connection? Don't worry, you can still use this app.

I use Cal app more than S Planner. Simply because Cal app has a nice UI. It's more attractive to look at since it doesn't have a plain background. It also syncs appointments from you email. It also has a feature that will remind you of an event (a book release, a book to review, etc) 30 mins before or after. It has a lot of reminder options.

5.) GOODREADS (Free - Android/iOS)
Goodreads app isn't really that great for android. But it doesn't mean I prefer the iOS version reader. It just great to use the app because the data usage isn't that high.

           Those are the apps installed in my phone that are useful for book bloggers. I hope these apps can help you, as much as it helped me. Writeris the most useful one up there. It really helped me a lot since I write my draft there before I transfer it to my computer.
          If you have any questions about apps, or any techy stuffs you can tweet me @patxxrawr or comment below. I would love to help you!


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