'Flowers in the Attic', 2014 TV Movie Official Trailer

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My family is unbelievably wealthy...
~Corrine Dollanganger

Flowers in the Attic is based on V.C. Andrews' book, with the same title, which is the first book in Dollanganger Saga. It's a story about lies, deceit, secrets and incest... Yep! It's basically a gothic-slash-cult movie. Apparently, this is the second movie adaptation of the book. While the first movie was disappointing (according to some comments floating around the interweb), this probably won't be as disappointing as the first, as the trailer is very promising. According to its director, Deborah Chow, "the script is faithful to the book" (but haven't we heard this line a hundred times already?), she told Entertainment Weekly. "Will there be incest? Yes." Well, I will surely look forward to it now!

Two days before the official trailer was released, someone leaked the full official trailer. Unfortunately, it was taken down immediately. But I saw it before the youtube user, who uploaded the video, deleted it. I will tell you! It is very, very good...so far! I love Kiernan Shipka, the girl who plays Cathy Dollanganger. And Mason Dye (Chris Dollanganger) looks hot! So...be excited!

The TV movie stars Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka, Dylan Bruce, to name a few. It will be premiering next year, January 18, exclusively on Lifestyle.

The saga is widely popular abroad, not in my country though. But it won't hurt to read the book, if you haven't. Here's a goodreads link of the book, Flowers in The Attic. Be sure to add it on your shelves!

Here are some teaser pictures:


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