A Series in 30 Days: Welcome back to Hogwarts!

By Saturday, November 23, 2013 , , ,

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It's almost Christmas, and it reminds me of Christmas at Hogwarts. I really love the Harry Potter series (who doesn't?). And I've picked up this series to read for my reading challenge. I'm really excited to re-read the whole series again! I don't know how many times I've read the book and watch the movies. But no matter how many times I still have feels for it!

I'll be buddy reading the series with my high school friend. I've buddy read this series with him too, when we were in high school. We used to talk about the series in our class a lot! It's this series and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, that got my I-hate-reading-because-it's-boring friends to read. And I'm really excited to read this series again. Not only will it bring me back to Hogwarts, but it will also remind me of my own high school life too. Talk about double feels! So good luck to me. I bet I'll be crying by the 30th day. Good luck to me! And I hope you (whoever is reading this <3) can read the series with me! Cheers!


A Series in 30 days is a reading challenge. The goal of the challenge is to finish a series within 30 days. The series must contain 4 or more books, as long as you can finish it in 30 days. You can review each book after you finish reading it. Or you can review the whole series by the 30th day. However, you must blog about your progress daily. If you've missed a day you can combine the day or days you've missed . For more information about the challenge click this.

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